How Often Should I Clean My Windows?

Customers quite often ask us “How often should I clean my windows?”  Twice a year? Quarterly?  Well there’s not a simple answer.  How often you clean your windows depends upon your type of property, your location, and your preference.  While no one wants their picturesque view obscured by dirt and grime, some folks want their windows to sparkle all the time.

Why are clean windows important?  They bring warmth into your home in many ways.  Windows let light into your home to heat your home in the winter which lowers electric bills.  You can sit by them and read with natural light.  They allow you to watch your kids playing outside.  Place plants near them to give them sunlight to grow.  And if you’re looking to sell, or trying to invite new customers, they’re the first impression a buyer sees.  Clean windows are a big part of the curb appeal of any property.

Window washing is a task most often put off.  Property owners rank this task right up there with doing your taxes.  And who blames them?  It’s tedious, dangerous, and takes up your entire Saturday.

One of the reasons homeowners think of window cleaning as such a chore is because they insist upon cleaning with wadded up paper towels or newspaper, spray cleaner, and a ton of elbow grease.  All that rubbing isn’t a good idea.  You’re just moving dirt around from one spot to another and putting a static charge on the glass, which attracts dust and dirt.  As soon as you finish the windows looks dirty again.  Best leave this item on the “TO DO” list up to the professionals.

So here are a few pointers to come up with a maintenance schedule that works for you and your budget.  Make your windows sparkle on your terms.

Residential Windows

The cleaning frequency depends largely upon your personal preference; however you should take in to consideration the environment in which you live.  We recommend cleaning your residential windows at least twice per year.  Bi-annual cleaning keeps build up in check and also allows the window cleaner to inspect your windows frequently enough to identify and report any potential concerns (broken window seals, chipped glass, hard water spots – from sprinklers, etc) before they become actual issues.

If you live near the ocean or in windy, high-pollen areas you should consider cleaning your windows more often, bi-monthly or quarterly would work best.  Ocean salt build-up is quite corrosive which shortens the life span of your windows and quite often leaves them spotty.  Pollen and other particulates (like wildfire debris) can be highly acidic and ultimately abrasive.  Cleaning your windows regularly will remove or reduce these corrosive elements and help lengthen the lifespan, and look, of your windows.  In these environments, three to four times per year is best.

Commercial Windows

Sparkling windows = Great first impression!  Let’s face it; customers pay attention to a business’ appearance before they see your product.  When approaching a business, what does a customer see first?  The sign, the windows, and the glass door.  In these economic times, it’s more crucial than ever to send a message of strength, vitality, and optimism.  Remember, you only get one chance to make that first impression.  So make it a good one!

Commercial window cleaning frequency is largely dependent upon the type of business, the budget, the style of building, and the type of image the business is attempting to portray to the customers.  Restaurants serve food.  If their windows are dirty, what does that say about the kitchen?  If your Dentist’s windows are filthy, do you want to open wide?  Would you rather shop in a well kept store or one with fingerprints on the windows and dust on the sills?

So…  How often should you clean your windows?

Residential Windows:                                   2-4 times per year

Restaurants:                                                  2-4 times per month

Retail Stores (High Traffic):                          1-2 times per month

Office /Retail Stores (Low Traffic):                6-12 times per year

Office Building Lobbies:                                6-12 times per year

Office Buildings:                                            2-4 times per year

The best answer is the one that ultimately makes you feel most comfortable.  Taking into consideration all of these factors can help you come up with the right answer for you.  For more information, or for your FREE estimate, please call us at (760) 755-7371.

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