At Sky High, it is our mission to be the consumer’s first choice for cleaning services of outstanding quality at competitive prices. We will achieve this goal by delivering superior, quality customer service with a sense of friendliness, individual pride, and company spirit.

Our expertly trained personnel will not just meet your needs, but exceed them. We work quickly, quietly, and with the upmost respect for you and your tenants. Our professional technicians will make your properties sparkle with minimum disruption.

We have experience in every venue, high-rise  commercial, mid-rise commercial, residential, government buildings, medical facilities, non-profit organizations, clean rooms, you name it, and we’ve done it!  We are a property manager or homeowner’s dream.  We provide excellent service at a cost you can afford. And rest assured you will not find another company with the quality and skill that you find at Sky High for such reasonable prices.

Services Offered:

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Established in 2007

We are a family owned and operated Window Cleaning service. We are living the American Dream. After the economy crashed, and the loss of our jobs within months of each other in 2006, my husband and I decided to use our experience, innovation, and drive to our advantage and opened our own company. In April of 2007, Sky High was created. With hard work, quality service, and impressed clients we have steadily increased our business each year. As Charles De Gaulle said, “Greatness is a road leading towards the unknown” and at Sky High the Sky is the limit!

Meet the Business Owners Noe and Jennifer Contreras:

Noe Contreras is COO and co-owner of Sky High. Noe was born in Veracruz, Mexico and immigrated to the United States of America in 2000. Before coming to the United States he served five years in the Mexican Army as a Parachuter. He has successfully made over 100 jumps! He is not foreign to high altitudes, however now his chosen profession comes with safety lines. Noe has eight years experience in the industry. He has been cleaning residential and commercial properties since January of 2005. He has been trained in all sorts of window cleaning, Jennifer Contrerasbosun chair drops, boom lifts, stages, you name it he’s done it. And all with the knowledge of safety codes and regulations from OSHA. Not only is he expertly trained, detail oriented, but he takes pride in his work and loves his job!

Jennifer Contreras is CEO and co-owner of Sky High.  Jennifer was born in Hawaii and raised all over the United States.  She is the daughter of a USN Command Master Chief and has moved from duty station to duty station her whole life.  Being well versed in the challenges of a military family life style has served her well in facing the challenges of marketing and keeping the accounts of a small business.  She has made a career out of customer service and thoroughly enjoys bringing a smile to each customers face with a job well done at a price they can afford.

Together we provide the best service available in Southern California at an excellent price.  Our family unity strengthens our business ventures by giving our customers the personal touch they crave, the detailed service they need, and the professionalism they expect.  You can be assured that at the end of the day your windows will shine as bright as your smile.